About Us

Fresh on wheels is the fruit of a unique concept that combines the traditional hawker market design and the new-aged e-commerce portal to deliver a seamless and efficient approach towards transformation of the old into the new- without forgoing the tradition and culture that has proceeded for thousands of years in the country. Based in the capital city of Delhi, our company works on multiple channels and layers in order to achieve the goal of quality and authenticity by offering our customers a wide range of grocery products.  

Our farm fresh produce, with a wide range of organic vegetables and fruits, along with the elimination of the middle man enables us to serve our customers directly.

The cart concept devised by us to provide this produce to the customers according to their needs and requirements is a revolutionary concept that alters the landscape of grocery in the country.
Specially designed mobile electric carts can be called upon to service by the customers to their location wherein they can choose their own produce from a selection stored in a sterile and hygienic fashion, as per their own time and convenience. 

This allows the business to maintain the personal and interactive approach that the hawkers provide, as well as offer a better quality and ease of purchase to the customer. Another aspect of our business allows for the customers to place their orders via this company website, wherein the produce shall be delivered to the desired location in a pre-packaged manner. Combined, these two methods can help us serve better our customers; those who wish to see and chose their own produce in an authentic manner, and those that simply wish to order the produce at their convenience. 

We believe in providing the best quality to the people. With complete variety of vegetables & fruits, organic and exotic produce, as well as, baskets and lentils/pulses- Fresh on wheels is the one stop solution for all your healthy needs.

We have various in-house teams that look into all the aspects right from research and development to marketing. All the produce goes through stringent quality checks at various levels, and only the best reach our customers. The amalgamation of wide network, experienced team, and robust logistics support has made us the preferred choice of the people.